Item Level Task Management.


With thousands of SKUs, IT equipment, POP Retail Exhibitions, Maintenance Assets and more within a store, item-level related activities are the ones that demand more human resources, and are often costly and prone to error.

Frogmi item level task manager allows retailers to consolidate all activities of different types of individualized items in one place, with a powerful and easy to use app, integrated with the company’s internal operational solutions.

Some Use Cases

Product SKU

  • POP Material Implementation
  • Price Change
  • Recall
  • Restocking

IT Equipment

  • Support Requirement
  • New Equipment Request

Infrastructure Assets

  • Incident Reporting
  • Maintenance Tasks

Easy Navigation and Item Search

Navigate through categories, brands, models and even locations within the store, in order to find SKUs or any other physical asset.

Associates can improve their productivity in up to 30% compared to regular task management solutions.

Certain types of activities like price changes or product replenishment maybe prioritized according to an opportunity value.

Designed to integrate with your solution

You can receive tasks from any source and consolidate them into one place. Flexible workflows can be adjustable to your operational reality.




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Supply Chain

Pricing Solutions



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