A powerful and easy solution to create checklist in sales rooms.


Create a storecheck in minutes

With the advanced questionnaire editor, it is possible to select different types of questions and assign these checklists to certain people in specific locations, dates and times.

Easy to use

Storechecks can be answered both in the mobile app and on the web. The mobile app can be used offline, and it automatically synchronizes when a connection is found.

One Execution KPI

It is possible to assign business tags to each question. Each tag can have its own strategic relevance, which allows us to create a unique execution KPI that can be opened by any dimension that it is relevant to your business.

Advanced Daily Routines

Daily work routines in a store can be loaded as a checklist with critical activities, where each has its own execution schedule. This is a work guide for the staff and also allows to know the progress and issues in the operation, in real-time and in a centralized way.

Automatic Tasks

It is possible to create commercial rules that trigger tasks according to possible results in each question. These tasks are configured to be executed in specific teams and within predefined deadlines.

Control of critical execution variables in the store.


Frogmi Storebeat Analytics allows everybody to profoundly understand the health of their own department, also allowing upper management to keep a unified view of the whole operation.

Business Unit Analysis

Geographical Analysis