More visibility for better decisions

Retail Stores

Align your stores around your business strategy.

Give structure and continuity to your store processes by assigning activities such as storechecks, internal audits, tasks or compliance guidelines, to specific users or roles, in specific stores, zones or formats.

Gain insight and identify opportunities

Frogmi gathers all of your field force answers and translates them in a configurable metric called Storebeat.

Frogmi’s Storebeat gives you full visibility of the entire operation, allowing you to quickly find gaps and improvement opportunities.

Fill the gaps and achieve accountability

Use the information gathered in all stores to react to non-compliances and fill operational gaps.

Frogmi Action allows you to set automatic ticket triggering or have your field force to send manual tickets or tasks to fix issues detected on stores.

All tickets are send to responsible area members who become accountable for their ticket backlog.