The company is constantly studying the problems and challenges of clients, to offer new functionalities that increase sales and improve productivity.

Frogmi is a company with more than seven years of experience working with their clients in achieving operational excellence, through a series of modules that seek to improve control and execution of tasks at sales points.

Pablo Godoy, General Manager of Frogmi, explains how, at the beginning, they focused on helping improve the visibility of the completion of processes and operation standards in stores, by using electronic forms installed in a mobile app. However, through time, the challenge changed from visibility into how to help them create opportunities and solve rising problems.

Currently, Frogmi has a task administration system that consolidates and prioritizes many operational actions in stores.

“Our clients use this platform to manage a series of critical activities inside their stores, such as controlling operational standards and completing processes, through smart forms, data collection from stores to support areas, the implementation of campaigns, product recall, changes in prices and the control of inventory, among others”, he explains.

Operational Excellency

An explosive increase in online sales has made companies manage their stores in a smarter way, in order to be competitive in this new scenario. Nowadays, a good operation is not enough; you have to make it in the most extraordinary and efficient way possible.

“There is no time and money to make mistakes, and if they occur, you need to have an action and managing plan already designed and functional”, explains Nicole Desmadryl, Commercial Manager of Frogmi.

According to this executive, through this tool, clients design all the execution flows so that, in real time and automatically, you achieve critical routines in the store`s operation, and allocate tasks among defined breaches.

“Our goal is to concentrate, in a single platform, all the tools that help the employees to achieve their best work in the least time”, she adds.

The challenge of productivity

One of the main aspects that operational areas intend to improve is employee productivity, which is a big challenge. Operational structures in stores, where they need to relate with a lot of people, creates a lot of entropy and an excessive use of resources. On one hand, stores have demands from different areas (marketing, commercial, quality control, etc.), and from the other hand, they require support areas that solve their maintenance problems, technologies and human resources, to mention a few.

In this scenario, Frogmi provides retailers with a unique channel for communications and requirements, from stores towards support areas, as well as from central areas towards stores, delivering visibility on the management status, and at the same time, reducing dramatically the man hours involved in these processes.

Artificial intelligence and operational excellence

The advancements made in the development of algorithms to consolidate and process multiple sources of information, such as online sales, shop sensors and social media analysis, among others, allow retailers to receive key information in order to make strategic decisions to improve their business`s results. Despite this, the challenge is presented daily: How to connect this information to strategic actions?

Frogmi integrates these sources of information in real-time, to create intelligent tasks. One example is the selective revision of products in gondola displays with probability of stock break, in other words, predicting potential breaks and assuring the gondola availability before having a problem and losing sales.